Aman Bagh Resort Hotel

Heritage Resorts Ltd.

Location: Alwar, Rajasthan

Project Description

The resort is built on 7-acre land, which was a garden belonging to one of the Maharaja. The Resort consists of various buildings:

  • Main building, Restaurant, Bar, Library, Boutique and Administrative area
  • Architecture is based on Rajasthan architecture with extensive stonework. It has 16 Pavilion Units and 24 Havelli Units

Services Offered

  • Schematic & Preliminary design for Structure, System Planning & In-house Co-ordination of all the different services & implementation
  • Detailed Architecture & Engineering Design - Civil & Structural work. Electrical installation. Water storage & Distribution, Plumbing & Sanitation, Hot water, Steam Generation and Distribution. Fuel Oil Storage & Distribution, LPG Storage System. Effluent & Waste Disposal, HVAC, Telecommunication. Staff Accommodation & Facilities

Built Up Area: 10,000 M2