Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project (Design & Supervision Consultancy DSC II) ADB loan 1647- IND

Urban Development Department, Government of Rajasthan

Location: Kota, Ajmer and Udaipur.

Project Description

Design and Supervision Consultancy for improvement of water supply and sanitation, solid waste and wastewater management, roads and traffic management, slum upgrading, environmental improvements and strengthening of other civic services.

Services Offered

Surveys and investigations, Collection and review of available data, base maps, details of past schemes and reports for water supply, wastewater disposal, drainage collection and disposal, urban infrastructure facilities, transport facilities.

Identify priority projects for implementation.

Preliminary & detailed designs and drawings, master plans, technical specifications, bid documents. Preparation of concept schemes, design reports, technical specifications and bid documents for various sub-projects.

Selection of contractors for various sub-projects, Co-ordination with Project Management Unit (PMU), Project Implementation Unit (PIU) and other agencies for the implementation of the project.

Monitor Progress of works and submit periodic progress reports. Preparation/Review of bar charts, construction schedule, construction drawings. Project management and construction supervision and adhere to the quality, specifications and drawings prescribed in the contract and issue certificates

Preparation of as - built drawings & GIS model showing infrastructure facilities.