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WADIA TESL & SUVIN ADVISORS:  a perfect collaboration…..


Wadia Techno-Engineering Services Ltd., which is a part of the reputed Wadia Group of companies, and Suvin Advisors to collaborate for providing value added services to industrial clients in India & around the world.

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In 2012, pursuant to mutual agreement Wadia group raised its stake in the erstwhile Gherzi Eastern Limited (GEL) to 100%, as a result of which Gherzi A.G. has ceased to be a promoter of GEL and the name of 'Gherzi Eastern Limited' has been changed to "Wadia Techno-Engineering Services Limited (WTESL)" with effect from November 8th, 2012. WTESL has more than 53 years of experience andover 2500 real estate, industrial and infrastructure projects of various natures across the globe. Wadia TESL has wide network with branches in major cities like New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Gandhinagar, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. and more than 380 employees on their roll. Wadia TESL is also registered with renowned banks and financial institutions like World Bank, ADB etc.

Suvin is one of the reputed consulting firms for “textile and food industries” in India, offering the entire gamut of Management & Engineering consultancy services from business strategies to overall project management to process management. Suvin, in the past few years, is known to have a good reputation as a qualified consultant in the textile industry providing satisfactory services for more than 125 projects in India & globally.

The Wadia TESL – Suvin collaboration shall enhance the capabilities of both the organization as Wadia TESL has enriched experience in implementation for varied sectors like residential & commercial projects, hotels & hospitals, educational institutions, urban planning, industrial, roads & highways while Suvin has a well-experienced team for management consulting and implementation of textile and food projects. Hence the services of both organizations are complementing each other to provide customers with one-stop solutions for specialized textiles and other industries.

Wadia Techno-Engineering Services Ltd. & Suvin have come together to meet the dynamic demands of the rapidly expanding global and domestic industry. This association will enrich the industry with effective solutions for future growth which is particularly essential in today's highly competitive market.